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As a Honda certified service center with certified technicians committed to automotive service excellence, we are naturally the best option for Hondas near Torrance, CA needing transmission service. We offer a full lineup of services for the Honda transmission system performed inside a state-of-the-art facility at unrivaled service quality and value, making it easy to drive past the nearest independent service shop with untrained mechanics. You never have to risk substandard transmission services when you have us at Scott Robinson Honda Service Center nearby.

Honda Certified Service

The Honda transmission is a complicated system with computerized mechanics that raise the stakes on qualifying to service it. You never want to risk rolling the dice taking your transmission in for service at an independent service shop given the sophistication and complex service requirements. Since we have the state-of-the-art diagnostics and certified technicians to get the job done right, why would you trust anyone else than us with your Honda’s transmission?

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Transmission Services We Offer

Your vehicle’s transmission has a tough job. The transmission transfers mechanical power from the engine to the wheels. This takes a tremendous amount of engineering, and transmission must endure enormous amounts of friction, heat, and pressure to do its job even under ordinary conditions. Every transmission needs care and maintenance to remain in good condition and deliver reliable functionality.

Here are our most popular transmission services:

Transmission Inspection

There is nobody better to inspect a Honda transmission than the certified technicians working at Scott Robinson Honda Service Center. We know this system professionally and have significant direct experience providing its routine maintenance and repairs.

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Usually needed when the fluid leaks or is found to have lost integrity due to contamination, we can provide the exchange service when the defective transmission fluid is found. A certified technician removes the fluid from the transmission, performs an inspection, and installs Honda authorized transmission fluid to capacity.

Transmission Repair

Sometimes, an inspection results include a worn seal, gasket, control cable, or another component that can be repaired. This can escape the hassle and cost of replacing the transmission system entirely.

Transmission Replacement

When the expenses related to repairing a damaged transmission are beyond the cost but not the value of a new transmission, the wise economic decision is to replace the transmission. We use a crew team method to service that doubles down on the professionalism and speed of the service. We will remove the blown transmission and install a new one as quickly and conveniently as possible so you can get back on the road.

Signs Your Transmission Needs Service

Having your transmission give out on you suddenly can leave you stranded, and it can even be dangerous if it happens in traffic. Here are a few warning signs so that you can avoid this situation.

When your vehicle changes gears, whether you drive a manual or automatic transmission vehicle, the process should be smooth. If your transmission is in trouble, it will begin to make noises. If you hear grinding sounds coming from the vehicle center-line, that’s an indication of transmission trouble.
If you smell burning fluid while shifting, that indicates that gears are not meshing neatly and that metal is grinding metal at high speeds, causing your transmission fluid to burn.
If shifting does not happen smoothly and silently with an automatic transmission or easily with a manual transmission, the gears are either not properly lubricated or damaged.
A well functioning transmission and gearbox should stay in the gear you put it in or the gear it should be in. If your transmission is jumping out of gear at the wrong time, you need to have it serviced immediately.
Your transmission containment is generally an excellent and well-built system. If you have a transmission fluid leak, that signifies that the transmission has been operating under undue stress. What’s more, if this is the case, your transmission fluid is likely to be contaminated or burned. The fluid should be a bright red color. If it is dark, that’s a sure sign you need a transmission fluid exchange.

Come to Scott Robinson Honda Service Center

Here at Scott Robinson Honda Service Center in Torrance, near Redondo Beach, Carson, Gardena, and Long Beach, CA, our Honda transmission experts are dedicated to keeping your transmission working flawlessly so that you can stay on the road reliably and safely. Putting off transmission service until something breaks down is a sure way to cause damage that will be more expensive to repair. Let our certified and experienced transmission experts help.

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