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Honda manufactures vehicles with an HVAC system promoting a pleasant driving experience in uncomfortable weather. The HVAC system is a complex component susceptible to depreciation and repairs with enough use. We employ certified technicians who understand the Honda HVAC system inside and out through extensive training and hands-on experience. We complete HVAC repairs with genuine OEM parts with performance guaranteed by a warranty. Continue reading about certified Honda HVAC services and contact us today for an appointment at Scott Robinson Honda Service in Torrance, serving Redondo Beach, Gardena, Carson, and Long Beach, CA.

Certified Honda HVAC Services


HVAC Inspection/Diagnosis

Obtaining the information necessary to fix an HVAC system malfunction requires an inspection/diagnosis by a qualified professional such as our certified technicians. We begin by considering the HVAC performance deficit and symptoms given to us by the customer. We inspect the involved components to isolate the problem and formulate the most efficient and accurate repair recommendation. We discuss the recommendation with you before completing the repair.

A/C Recharge and Component Repairs

Generating frigid air within seconds requires pressurized refrigerant, compressor, condenser, lines, and evaporator. We provide A/C recharge service to restore refrigerant to capacity and A/C component replacement if needed.

Heater Core

The heater core is the heart of defrosting and cabin heating. It can get clogged and require cleaning and replacement if damaged or worn.

Blower Motor

An electric blower motor moves air through the HVAC system and into the cabin. The blower motor relies on wiring that can get damaged and need repair. We replace blown fuses restricting electricity to the blower motor. We also provide blower motor replacement if necessary.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

This small filter can restrict airflow and allow foul odors to penetrate the cabin when clogged. Cabin air filter replacement is an easy fix as we remove the old filter and install a brand new OEM part.

Ventilation Cleaning and Sanitizing

The air duct/ventilation system sponsors a huge air volume with particulates that accumulate depending upon the environment and air quality. Ventilation cleaning removes the accumulation while promoting a pleasant driving experience. Sanitizing kills microbes, such as bacteria, mold, and viruses.


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Honda owners can schedule HVAC service appointments online or by phone. Online service scheduling is always ready to schedule appointments at your convenience. Customers with busy weekdays often schedule service appointments during our extended Saturday hours.

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