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Several automotive systems require internal fluids for component lubrication and hydraulic performance. These essential fluids are susceptible to problems, such as thermal breakdown, contamination, and leaking. While some essential fluids require routine change service at specified intervals, others need regular inspections and service if problems develop. Choosing us for essential fluid maintenance ensures certified technicians complete the services with OEM-certified fluids. Keep reading about the OEM-certified fluids advantage and essential Honda fluid services. Schedule an appointment today at Scott Robinson Honda Service in Torrance, near Gardena, Carson, Redondo Beach, and Long Beach, CA.

The OEM-Certified Fluids Advantage

Honda is a leading automaker with strict engineering and performance requirements. OEM-certified fluids meet Honda’s composition and performance standards. They are engineered with top-quality ingredients and perform as expected. Service at quick-lube chains and independent shops expose your Honda to aftermarket fluids with substandard performance.

Certified Honda Fluid Services


Engine Oil & Filter Change

The #1 maintenance necessary for optimum engine performance is the oil and filter change at the recommended miles. We stock OEM-certified full-synthetic, semi-synthetic, diesel, and conventional motor oils.

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Automatic and manual transmissions require an internal fluid with an exchange service recommended every 30,00 to 60,000 miles. We stock OEM-certified automatic transmission fluid and gear oil for manual transmissions.

Coolant Fluid Exchange

Coolant fluid keeps the engine at the specified operating temperature and prevents freezing. Coolant fluid requires regular inspections, topping off if low, and exchange service specified in the Honda owner’s manual.

Brake Fluid Exchange

Hydraulic brake fluid sends topping force from the master cylinder into the rotors connected to the wheels. Brake fluid is notoriously hygroscopic and requires exchange service every two to three years.

Power Steering Fluid Exchange

Hydraulic power steering fluid helps drivers rotate the steering wheel easily. Power steering fluid requires regular inspections, topping off, and exchange service if contaminated.


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We invite customers to check the current specials to save on essential fluid maintenance. Many customers browse the current offers when scheduling services online. The online service scheduler is always available at your convenience. Customers can also call the service department to schedule appointments during regular hours. We complete fluid exchanges quickly, so most customers relax in the waiting room furnished with courtesy Wi-Fi, snacks, and beverages.
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