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Here at Scott Robinson Honda Service Center, we operate a dedicated collision repair center ready to fix any dent found on your Honda’s auto body. We offer both paintless dent removal that is a specialized technique with special repair criteria, as well as traditional dent repair services for more extensive damages requiring a more intensive repair method. You do not have to drive around Torrance, CA with unsightly dents that reduce your Honda’s resale value when you have us to provide the dent repair needed to make your vehicle look its best.


Why Repair Dents?

We believe that Honda drivers purchased their Honda because it offers maximum durability and enhanced resale value. The last choice that a Honda driver would want to make is to put off repairing dents when this decreases a vehicle’s attractiveness and resale value. With affordable dent repair services available at Scott Robinson Honda Service Center, this is an investment in your Honda’s appearance and resale value.

Paintless Dent Removal

This dent repair service is for dents with intact paint. If your vehicle has a dent, but the paint has not been damaged, it qualifies for this technique. Our certified technicians are trained on the technique and have the specialized equipment needed to perform it for you quickly and conveniently. The huge benefit of paintless dent repair is that it can restore a pre-damaged appearance much faster and with less labor and materials that will ultimately save you money compared to traditional dent repair services.


Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

The paintless dent repair service invites the service to be completed as it has many of the benefits not found with traditional dent repairs. We know that drivers once accepted damage because of the expense and hassles of traditional dent repairs. Now drivers choose to fix dents because of these benefits of paintless dent repair:

  • Affordability – this technique offers a lower-cost alternative with the same result that will maximize service value for qualified dents.
  • Convenience – service is completed faster as it does not require filling, sanding, nor painting.
  • Durability – the result of this technique is the same in appearance as traditional dent repair.

Traditional Dent Repair

When the dent is defined by damaged paint, we will not be able to apply paintless dent removal, as this is only good for dents with intact paint. We can repair worse dents with a more invasive method that includes pulling out the dent, applying filler, sanding the area, and precisely matching paint using computerized equipment. Lastly, we’ll repaint the damaged area with the objective being complete restoration. Contact us today and schedule an appointment at Scott Robinson Honda Service Center.

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