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How Long Does It Take to Paint a Car?

The most common excuse drivers have for not getting a paint job, no matter how badly the car needs it, is they don’t know how long it’s going to take before they get their car back. Sure, several nationally franchised companies can paint a car for a price too good to be true in a time period clearly not long enough to allow the paint to cure properly. Such a paint job looks amazing for about a year or two, then it becomes a much bigger job to fix the bad paint job before doing it right. A real paint job requires several layers of paint and clear coat finishes, each of which requires proper time to dry, then has to be sanded and buffed before applying the next coat. It can take two weeks or longer depending on what the vehicle needs to conduct a proper paint job which is going to look great and last.


Types of Paint Jobs and Reasons for Them

It’s a no-brainer, the goal of every paint job is to make a car that looks horrible to become pretty again. There are different ways to achieve such a goal. A new car that may have suffered damage, perhaps a parking lot fender bender, is easy to get the paint code and paint the repairs or new fender with the exact same paint applied to the car at the factory. For an older car that is kept in a garage to minimize weathering, the exact match might work casually unless closer scrutiny is applied. To get a perfect match the entire car needs a quick spruce up of paint.

The Purpose of Paint

An important aspect of paint worth noting is it serves more than just a cosmetic function. Paint prevents rust, and in the most simplistic of terms, rust is bad. Paint protects the car’s body, which in turn protects the structural frame, which supports the engine and internal subsystems. On a scale of one to ten, perhaps paint isn’t as important as other maintenance such as oil changes, but it is required if you want to get the full life expectancy out of a vehicle.

Dealership Painting vs Private Contract Paint Jobs

For vehicle painting in Torrance, CA and the surrounding areas of Redondo Beach, Carson, Gardena, and Long Beach, Scott Robinson Honda Service is the place to go. Our professional technicians are willing to work toward your needs, expectations, and budget. We will explain what we can do at each price point towards getting your car looking great again with a fresh coat of paint, whether for you to drive or to maintain resale value. Schedule service today!

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